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It is not a mistake, I didn’t go too far in writing sticks. Nor it is my whim! So why is this four so strange? There are several reasons. Let’s begin from the least surprising one…

It resulted from, among others, beauty of the clock face. IV and VI look quite similar, which – especially on the circular disk – can be confusing. What’s more, in case of dials which count hours twice from 1 to 12, by using four sticks instead of the character ‘IV’,  there are three equal group of figures on the dial – sticks (I, II, III, III), with five (V, VI, VII, VIII) and with X (IX, X, XI, XII). However, the most important issue is religion. Does ‘IV’ resemble something special? It’s the first letters of god IVPITER (Jupiter), which is absolutely prohibited to use for secular purposes such as the time. Real blasphemy!

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