In order to make time passes twice as slow, the pointer also should go two times slower, right? Therefore I have a solution of the perennial problem ‘I have no time’ – the 24-hour clock! It’s hard to deny such a logical elucidation, isn’t it?

Besides, maybe we should trust our ancestors… Very old, medieval ones. Let’s get carried away with their wisdom. Just think… the day begins, and you still have whole circle, full 24 hours, without any halfway points. Without stress that it’s already POST. POST meridiem.

Besides, think how much can you profit by such a clock, if for example you’re working on sth for the fifth day and you really don’t feel the passage of minutes. But you feel hunger. Perk your head, look at the 24-hour clock and at once you know whether it’s an afternoon or the middle of the night! Whether it’s time for lunch or maybe dinner!

Many advantages. It’s time to implement them.

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