Last weekend we have presented the 24-hour hand-painted Agutta’s clocks during the Krakow Festival of Interior Design.

At the crack of dawn we enthusiastically built our clock tower and we have been waiting in its shade for the first guests. Their laugh, disbelief, dreaminess, pensiveness… Whole gamut of emotions!

As you probably know, the idea of my 24-hour clocks is to drag away from everyday problems for a moment, to take the liberty of doing nothing, to give in to memories or dreams. How pleasant it was to look at you, when you actually stop, staring at Agutta’s clocks! When you listen to some legends with interest! When you laughingly notice that that there is something strange on the clockfaces! And when you happily manage to dig up nice holiday memories!

Two very intensive days of the festival let me meet a lot of amazing, energetic people. I could talk with you face-to-face, discuss and share my passion with you – that is the most precious! All your opinions, words of encouragement, criticism, delight and ideas – I feel that this gave me real power!

Below photographic depiction 🙂

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