This time I have been inspired by Prague Astronomical Clock  in the Czech Republic. That is the oldest such a clock in whole Europe, in the Middle Ages regarded as one of the Wonders of the World. It was conceived by master Hanus in 1410, which is – obviously! – connected with a legend. Supposedly, after work Hanus was brutally blinded by order of councilors to prevent him from creating something similarly perfect for any other city. Then, the master asked his student to take him to the clock, when he deliberately damaged it considerably enough (and ingeniously!) that no one could fix it. Those who tried, met with death or insanity. This legend remind of history from Gdańsk, doesn’t it?

According to the medieval perception of the universe there is Earth in the center of the dial. Blue part presents the sky above the horizon, and the zodiacal circle represents stars on the sky. Immersing in the clockface – it shows as many as four types of time. Real clock combine! Roman numerals indicate Central European time, golden gothic numerals – Old Chech time. Arabic numerals show the time of Babylon, according to which a day lasts from sunrise to sunset. Therefore hour’s lenght varies depending on the season (it’s longer in the summer, and shorter in the winter) – Prague Orloj is unique in the world in this respect! What is more, Roman numerals represent the cosmic time.

Prague Orloj enraptures me with charm! It is so addictive and inspiring in its simplicity that it’s quite hard to take eyes off it.

Please visit my gallery and DOMOVE interior design fair in Warsaw (18-19.06.2016), where I will be presenting my work on Agutta’s clock tower 🙂


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