Time for fascinating city o frescos – Padua! On the tower on Piazza dei Signori there is a beautiful, dignified clock. While it counts hours, days, months, phases of the moon, the movement of the planets and signs of zodiac, beneath it colorful Italian daily life goes on.

This amazing clock was built in the late XIVth century by Jacobo da Chioggia Doni, and then it was destroyed and rebuilt in the early XVth century according to Master Novello’s design (who supposedly tried to faithfully render the idea of his predecessor).

Practiced eye can see that something is missing on the face! There is no balance! Legend says that when designers didn’t receive their payment, they quickly removed the sign of justice! 🙂 (Another theory assumes that Master Novello modeled on Egyptian astrology, which includes only 11 signs of zodiac).

Supposedly it is similar to the Venetian clock, and yet it is quite different. Kind of a starry sky, a lot of gold… and yet here the whole seems to be much more serious, perhaps cause of mathematical center. How do you like it?

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I invite You also for a clock-journey to Venice and Cremona!

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