They say: Never judge a book by its cover. And that’s right! Agates are inconspicuous from the outside – just ordinary dun stones. But in the middle there’s a real treasure. After the eruption, there are some empty spaces in volcanic rocks. If the capricious lot allows, they slowly, gradually fill up with silica, forming a geode. A drop by drop, layer by layer… for thousands or even millions years.

Refined and pampered by Nature agate now is in our hands and what turns out? Besides its financial value (hastily found specimen of 2.8 kg costs almost 30 EUR, and the one of 28 kg – nearly 220 EUR!), agates influence almost every part of our body and soul. First of all, agate is the stone of balance – the physical, emotional and intellectual. Supposedly it calms down, improves self-confidence and concentration, and enhances analytical skills. What is more, it heals negative emotions (such as anger or sorrow), replacing them with courage to act. It’s hard to believe, but it also influence eyes and skin, relieves pain and fever, and strengthens almost all body systems (digestive, urinary, respiratory, cardiovascular, nervous, hormonal and reproductive).

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