About me

_MG_3715Hello! My name is Agatha. I think that I have spent almost half of holidays, weekends and free time in my life in the bosom of nature – with Mum and Dad afloat and in the mountains, with scout team in the middle of nowhere, with friends following and watching beavers and elks, and during my studies: in forests, woods and quarries. I always bring some treasures from my trips, especially colored stones because…

Nature inspires me. It inspires me so much, that second haft of my free time I spent creating – with all my heart and soul. I tried many techniques. I fear no challenge! After my first pottery class I came back pretty grimy, but happy as a child. Writing in calligraphy, I have my sheet perfectly clean, but my face… I have my face like an Indian before tribal meeting. Braiding and tinkering give me great joy, which I want to share with you.

Feel free to contact me! I’ll try to answer any comments, suggestions, opinions, criticism as soon as possible 🙂